Our Services

Established 2015


We specialize in every style, with experienced, highly trained and skilled artists who are open and friendly. We want to help make your idea a reality. Need something covered up or reworked? We have a lot of experience with that too. Price quotes are in person or via Skype, FaceTime; contact to set something up or stop by.


High-quality jewelry, lots of selection, and the best-trained piercers around. Our piercers continue to find opportunities to learn and expand your jewelry and body modification options. The best available sterilization and customer service make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Tooth Gems

Not into pain at all and want to still be edgy? Try Tooth Gems! They’re semi permanent gem or gold accents attached to your tooth with orthodontics glue. Non-harming, Painless, and Non-invasive. Lasts 6 months to 2 years. Guaranteed for 30 days.


Need a gift for a fan of the shop or the person that has everything? We have a fun selection of shirts, hoodies, and merchandise for the whole family as well as gift cards. Also you can grab what you need to take care of your fresh body mod. Screen Printing- Apparel and posters with design services available. Email our helpful printers at poserprinting@gmail.com to get your project started