Liz Llewelyn


I’m Liz, I’m from Battle Creek. I’ve always been interested in body modification and the urge we have as humans to modify our bodies. I traveled a lot when I was younger, and spent some time living in the southwest, during that time my love for art, piercings, and tattoos grew. While I was in college I apprenticed to become a Professional Piercer. I was able to take multiple art courses while in college. So it seemed natural to start apprenticing as a Tattoo Artist after I graduated. I don’t get to pierce too often anymore, and have made my main focus tattooing. I love being able to put art on people. The smile people get when they see their idea come to life is the best feeling. It’s amazing to work in a field that challenges my creativity daily. I haven’t found a set style yet, but I really enjoy tattooing illustrative, black and grey, and neo traditional tattoos. You can find me on Instagram @such.a.scream and on Facebook if you search for Liz Green.